2020 The 40th China Guangzhou International Franchise Exhibition

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The 40th China (Guangzhou International France Exhibition


Date:February   25th –27th,2020

Venue: Chinese Export Commodities Fair (pazhou) Complex

Sponsor:Guangzhou Foro Exhibition Co.,Ltd

         Guangdong Chain Operations Association

         Guangzhou Chain Operations Association

Organizer:Hong Kong Foro International Exhibition Group

           Guangzhou Foro Exhibition Co.,Ltd

Supports: Taiwan Chain and Franchise Promotion Association

           China (Hong Kong) Chain Operations Association

Co-organizer: korea Taxin Consultants Co.,Ltd

               Success China Consultants Co.,Ltd

The dominant business mode in the 21st Century-franchise chain is the most effective marketing mode of product distributions and services of the modern business. Since it came into China, it has been kept growing continuously and rapidly. Its unique win-win charm has won the favor of all enterprises and investors and it is the most excellent shortcut for enterprises to develop and grow up rapidly. More and more enterprises are adopting the franchising business mode to optimize and integrate the traditional marketing network and realize the quick expansion of enterprises and improve the competitiveness of enterprises at low cost by means of brand output and chain operation.

GUANGDONG International Franchise Exhibition, as the largest, the highest and the most effective specialty franchising chain store expo recognized in South China Region at present, has become the most direct and effective exchange platform via which each franchising chain store enterprise looks for partners and occupies South China market and the investor looks for the franchising chain store project. The last exhibition was reported by each major media, there were hundreds of thousands of people on the spot and investment talks were in full swing. It has lifted an upsurge of investment in South China and been recognized by many chain enterprises and all investors. With the construction of “9+2” Pan-Pearl River Delta Cooperation Ring Super Economic Zone and the work division and cooperation of the Great Pearl River Delta, more and broader business opportunities will be brought for all enterprises.

The scale of exhibition

1、Clothes and Raiment: famous brand clothes and raiment, fabric, bag,, socks and shoes,   leather luggage and other privilege chain organizations.

2、commodities retail: Chain super market, store, drug store, house electronic things, IT digital, books and video, jewelries , fashion decoration things, furniture and building materials and other commodities retail privilege chain organizer.

3、restaurant and drinks : Chinese and Western fast food, coffee, bar, roast, special drinks, …privilege chain organizations.

4、Baby things: Bingo toys, kids cars and beds, baby kids clothes, studying stationery, nutrition things…privilege chain organizations.

5、health care and hair-dressing: hair-dressing, keeping fit, cosmetic, health care medicine, health care equipment…privilege chain organizations.

6、Business service: filming, IT net information, ticket service, house property agency, laundry, furniture , cars care, net bar, EMS, decoration design, wedding service, business consultant, attest register …privilege chain organizations.

7、Education training : English education training as every education chain organization , professional training organization, educational things …privilege chain organizations.

8、comprehensive: lawyer office , bank…. Privilege management service organizer, chain league store and other equipment technology manufacturers and other suppliers.

The name of subject

International exhibition district

Domestic exhibition district

Standard exhibition   platform (9square meter )



Standard exhibition platform allocation

One desk for business discuss, two chairs, two light tubes, one Chinese signboard

Empty exhibition (36square meter)

300USD/square meter

1580rmb/ square meter

Instruction of empty place

The fee   include : the place for exhibition, save guard service , cleaning service

Remark : 1, standard stand has two norms,3×2.5m   and   3m×3m , the fee is same

         2, special location add fee,   the standard stand with two   sides open , add 10% / 1, three sides open , add 20% / 1

         3, renting empty places can be used by special decoration stand need to pay 38rmb/m to gallery as the construction management fee .(   not include water and electricity )

Stand fee:

The advertisements`   program ( unit : RMB)

The catalogue advertisements

Page location

Price page

Page location


Back cover


Black and white pages


The second cover


The introduction of words


The third   cover


The fee of design


Color pages


The fee of making


procedures of exhibition

1、Connecting with the organization company and get the application of exhibition . After filling the form seriously and put a company seal , please fax or send to organization committee , meanwhile supply trade market registration   and the copy of business certificate and so on.


Exhibitor must remit or take 100% fee to organization committee after they got a qualification which was confirmed by organization   in one week . After remitting , organization committee confirms the location   of   exhibition , and send the stand confirm letter to them , the   balance must pay back 1 month before the exhibition . Otherwise, organization committee has the right   to adjust or cancel the enterprises ` qualification of exhibition , no returning subscription   back.


Organization committee will post the exhibitor handbook to exhibitor who has already paid the fee before 1 month , and tell them   the points for attention , assist them to complete the exhibition activity conveniently and efficiently .



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